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Hope you are safe and healthy during these uncertain times.

Just to let you know, Spruikit is responding to the current social distancing limitations in the following ways:

• All one-on-one coaching and group training is being done using video conferencing
• All face-to-face training has been paused

Spruikit is in a strong position to weather this storm – and we all remain optimistic for normality to resume sooner rather than later.

If video-conferencing technology is relevant and possible for your staff (either one-on-one or groups) we are keen to explore this with you now. Otherwise, we'll be ready to help you book and/or re-schedule your face-to-face training when the threat of Coronavirus in Australia has eased.

Meanwhile, we send our best wishes to you, your colleagues and your family. Stay safe!

Kind regards,
The Spruikit Team


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