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The Spruikit Lifeline offers participants access to complimentary telephone/email support from our workshop facilitators for twelve months from the date of their training.

Past participants have often taken advantage of this support to recap significant parts of their training in the lead up to an important forthcoming event.

Please note: The ‘Spruikit Lifeline’ service is designed for brief assistance when it’s needed most – when a past participant is preparing for an important event. For on-going support and/or complex issues, our Spruikit facilitator will suggest further training and/or one-on-one coaching which will be charged at an hourly rate.

Be Empowered

Spruikit delivers online and face-to-face presentation skills training to help in the preparation and delivery of online and face-to-face presentations:

- Discussions
- Negotiations
- Board meetings
- Team presentations
- Public speaking events
- Seminars and conferences


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