The team who all present on a regular basis each got something out of the training. David 'nailed' our brief and the team who all present on a regular basis each got something out of the training. David 'nailed' our brief and provided an extremely valuable training session.

Operations Manager

I learned how to speak with more expression and passion. I don't have any suggestions (for improvement). I really enjoyed the training and the presenters were very engaging. I really appreciated that the training was very interactive. The time went very quickly and I learnt a lot.

APS Participant

The incredible combination of Marianne and David engaged our group from beginning to end. One of the rare instances a day long training session felt like only a few hours. The perfect combination of theory and practice provided clear learnings and technique everybody could take away. Empowering regardless of experience level. 

Nathan DeLorenzis

Was a valuable day of training, I really enjoyed it and have gone from the kid at the back of the class saying don't pick me to looking forward to my next opportunity to present. Thank you ...

Local Government Workshop Participant

I have had three opportunities to present/MC since the training day and found I was more confident and calmer (no pre-gig nerves!). The value of practise and breathing ... awesome!

Local Government Workshop Participant

I thought David and Marianne were excellent, our business will really benefit from the day. We had a large group for the day, we really appreciated how much time was given to each individual by David and Marianne, even if it meant we finished late.

Private Workshop Participant

A great session. I enjoyed it immensely.

Private Workshop Participant

It was the best training session (my company) has offered. It got me out of my comfort zone.

Private Workshop Participant

David and Marianne were both very engaging, approachable and personable. They offered great examples and manage to tailor the training to suit individual needs within the group.

Private Workshop Participant

The training was well paced and offered lots of practical tips to assist in presentation skills - both preparation and delivery.

Private Workshop Participant

Be Empowered

Spruikit delivers online and face-to-face presentation skills training to help in the preparation and delivery of online and face-to-face presentations:

- Discussions
- Negotiations
- Board meetings
- Team presentations
- Public speaking events
- Seminars and conferences